Work on paper

The Untouched Collection is a project that exists as an online version in the present website and as a paper version that can be purchased :

  • Series of 4 booklets + A3 poster + ecoprinted case :           £35+postage / 40€+postage

  • Single A3 poster :                                                                       £2 + postage / 2.50€ + postage

To purchase the works, please contact (posted from UK)

Ecoprinted case Handmade case, banana flower, pineapple leaves, hibiscus flower, pomegranate and rust, ecoprinted on recycled card

A3 poster

double sided

Can be purchased separately.


Booklet 1

12 page booklet, digital print on recycled paper, 21x15 cm

Booklet 2

18 page booklet, digital print on recycled paper, Cover : acrylic paint, 21x15 cm

 Booklet 3

2 pages, digital print on recycled card, 21x15 cm, + Augmented Reality accessible through Artivive app. 

Booklet 4

Screenprinted concertina, 21x58 cm, + sound piece accessible through QR code.

© 2021 by Céline Siani Djiakoua

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