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5.49 minutes sound piece made in collaboration with Tom Harris. Use headphones for best quality.


Screen-printed by Dizzy Ink


And the scales fall off my eyes.

Now I can see.


My new reality.

Another one.


How many more times am I going to be swallowed ?

How many more times will my eyes open onto a reality I don’t wish to see ?

Opened eyes that can never be closed again.

A new world.

A new birth.

A bit more light onto the darkness.

I cannot unlearned what I have learned.

I cannot unsee what I have seen.

I cannot be the person I was before, anymore.

I have been changed.

I am someone new.

I am a new person again.

Lost innocence.

I am in total obscurity.

The serpent arrives, the albino python.

White with yellow spots.

He starts swallowing me.

I begin to exist.

I am.

But I am inside the snake.

I exist, but I am still surrounded by darkness.

Then he spits me out.

I am born again.



My body is covered with scales.

Some are yellow.


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